Payday Loans

Instant Payday Loan Without Income.

Almost all banks offer instant payday loans. In order for the banks to approve this, the applicant must provide proof of income. This can be a payslip or proof of other income. Without this evidence, there is no instant payday loan without income.

Instant payday loan with no income

The bank refuses a loan without work or other income. Unemployment benefits or benefits under SGB II are not counted as income. At the same time, this means that the unemployed cannot apply for a loan because there is no prospect of success. In addition, the creditworthiness of the customer is checked when a loan request is made. This is intended to provide information about whether the customer has always met his payment obligations on time. Without a good credit rating, there is no instant payday loan.

A budget plan is also drawn up to compare income and expenditure. After all, the borrower must have enough money left to make a living. If there is not enough left in this offsetting, in most cases a loan will be refused despite a positive Credit Bureau.

The income serves as security for the banks

The banks require collateral. The most important security is first of all the income, which can be proven by bank statements. It must go to the checking account every month. This does not necessarily have to be income from self-employed or dependent work. Income from rent or lease is also considered income. In addition to income, capital life insurance policies are often viewed as collateral. However, the surrender value must already have reached the amount of the loan.

Banks do not approve an instant payday loan without income because if the installments are not paid, they cannot access the attachable part of the salary or wages. Unemployment benefits or social assistance are excluded from attachments. This group of people makes it difficult for the bank to get its money.

Instant payday loan with no income from foreign banks or through peer to peer loans

Foreign banks also want to see proof of their income. You pay less attention to creditworthiness, at least not when it comes to a Swiss loan, but a permanent job is imperative. It is the same with loans from person to person. Particular attention is paid to the Credit Bureau and the income, because private investors provide the money with these loans. Here, in particular, they attach great importance to eliminating every risk as much as possible. It is almost hopeless to get an instant payday loan without income, because nobody wants to lose their money and takes a pre-programmed risk.